A guide will provide advice and support, rather than directly solving problems for a character; if the character doesn't stand on their own, their legend will never grow. Guides do not always represent more powerful characters than the Scion, they can be less powerful but still wise. Even a young God may find the guidance of an ancient ghost quite helpful, or a Demigod might listen to the advice of a particularly experienced dwarf.

The total cost of a Guide is equal to Power + Availability + Connections. No Guide may have a final cost below 1 dot or above 10 dots.


0: A skilled mortal, with many traits at 3 or 4, but a mortal nonetheless
00: A low-tier supernatural being, such as a ghost or Cassandra. It has a Legend rating of 2-3.
000: A decently powerful supernatural being, with a Legend rating of 3-5. Lesser Immortals or undead.
0000: A demigod-tier being, with a Legend score of 6-8. Valkyries and Sisyphus.
00000: A minor god with a Legend score of 9-11.
00000 0: A mighty god of Legend 12, with numerous Avatar and Ultimate powers.


  • If the guide is rarely available (maximum consultation or training once per story), the Availability modifier is -(half the Guide's Power, rounding down). For example, Odin would have an Availability of -3 if he can rarely help.
  • If the guide can help somewhat, but is also quite busy (maximum consultation or training one brief per session), the Availability modifier is -1.
  • If the guide is able to actually stop by and lend a hand from time to time (common consultation, one appearance per story), the Availability modifier is +1.
  • If the guide is always able to show up and help out, with whatever is required (free consultation, one appearance per session), the Availability modifer is equal to the Guide's Power (a Ghost who was always around would be Availability +2).


Generally, a guide's Connections are with equivalently-powered beings, but this is not always the case - for example, the Queen of the Myrmidons has Hera as a powerful enemy.

  • If the guide has many powerful enemies and few friends, and those enemies are likely to dislike the character (such as a Scion with a frost giant guide), the Guide's Connections are -(half the Guide's Power, rounding down).
  • If the guide has more enemies than friends, such as Sisyphus or Loki, his Connections are -1.
  • If the guide's connections mean that the character can sometimes draw help from others (such as many gods), his Connections are +1.
  • If the guide's connections are widespread and friendly (such as a character seen to have a close connection to the Fates), his Connections are +(God's Power).