These pantheons are intact, organized, and active in the Titanomachy. They represent the dominant forces opposing the Titans.

The Aesir
Norse gods (including Vanir and allied Jotuns) struggling against the Fates laid out for them at Ragnarök.
The Amatsukami
Eldest and mightiest of the myriad kami, the Heavenly Spirits adjust the World gently and precisely, maintaining a delicate balance.
The Devas
Formidable warriors and spiritual sages, the Hindu gods and their Vedic predecessors oversee the endless cycles of the World, keeping Asuras at bay.
The Dodekatheon
Renowned as much for their terrible vengeance as for their great prowess, the Greek gods and heroes face impossible challenges armed with an unshakable confidence that often proves their undoing.
The Loa
Unseen but never far away, these Vodoun spirits often possess mortal ritualists when they wish to affect the World and its everyday harmonies.
The Pesedjet
Knowing well the power of names and images, the Egyptian gods combat the Titans with infrastructure, working to see the structure and order of heaven mirrored in the World.
The Teotl
Deities of a vanished empire, the Aztec gods' blood-fueled methods are often unsavory but unquestionably effective.

Other Gods may still survive, but their pantheons are either reclusive and withdrawn, shattered by violence, or otherwise sidelined and unwilling or unable to mount a coordinated resistance to the Titans. In their journeys, characters may encounter other mythic divinities such as Anansi, White Buffalo Woman, or Czernobog, but these "off the menu" choices are not ideal divine parents for PCs because of their weakened tactical situation.