The powers wielded by the gods.


The gods wield three varieties of supernatural powers: Epic Attributes, which magnify their mundane features far beyond mortal limits; Pantheon-Specific Purviews, which include each Panthéons's unique brand of innate supernature; and General Purviews, which are primal powers older than the gods themselves, wrested away from the eternal ur-natures of the Titans themselves.

Epic AttributesModifier

These godly powers exaggerate normal human characteristics to divine extremes, allowing gods to be faster, smarter, tougher, more beautiful, and more beguiling than any mortal could ever hope to become.

Pantheon-Specific PurviewsModifier

Part of the inner nature of each god, a Pantheon-Specific Purview is the sole heritage of a single Panthéons, which no outsider may wield.

General PurviewsModifier

Torn from the grasp of the Titans in days of antiquity, these primal forces are older than the gods themselves. Scions use Relics to bring these foreign powers to heel.